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Lightning Protection

PPI offers a range of services to protect your building from lightning strikes. We can design, supply and install systems that will comply with AS1768/2007 and offer alternative solutions if required

Power Protection Industries are proud ERICO distributors in the Pacific Islands. ERICO are a proud market leader for lightning protection solutions. 

We offer three main lightning protection systems:

ERICO SYSTEM 1000 - This Series encompasses three air terminal models and accessories that are designed to comply with the requirements of the French NFC17-102 Standard. This protection system is not commonly used in Australia. 

ERICO SYSTEM 2000 -  includes an engineered series of air terminals, downconductors and fittings in accordance with European-IEC 62305 and USA-UL96 and NFPA780 Standards.

ERICO SYSTEM 3000 - A technically advanced lightning protection system. The unique features of this system allow optimum performance, flexibility of design, and overall cost-effective installation.

At PPI, we can attend site and help decide what the best solution is to protect your building from lightning strikes.

Below is an example of the ERICO SYSTEM 3000 design software. Contact us now to request a site visit for your project. 

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