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Our industrial manufacturing capability spans the length and breadth of a factory’s electrical needs, and our clients come to us with issues large and small.

Providing switchboards and barcode scanners, as well as asset protection including power quality monitoring, surge diverters and voltage regulation that protects the entire electrical system and equipment from any downtime, we take on projects of any size to ensure a business has everything it needs to keep working and maximise efficiency.

Manufacturing Capabilities

What we do

Since 2016, PPI has delivered customised electrical solutions to manufacturing customers spread throughout Australia and Asia Pacific.

We offer a broad range of services, including:

Lightning and Surge Protection Audit

We perform lightning protection audits on a range of applications, each of which takes into consideration AS/NZS1768 and IEC 62305-2. We can attend your site and understand the particular application required to protect your asset and limit downtime.

Machine Safety Audit

We can provide a machine safety audit of manufacturing facilities in compliance with EN ISO13849-1, EN IEC 62061 and AS/NZS4024.1. This gives customers the ability to protect their employees and know their facility meets safety standards.

Power Quality Audit

Power quality audits help prevent unusual issues within our customer’s electrical system, and we provide both analysis and solutions to protect from dangerous harmonics, power system disturbances and increased energy costs.

Training and Certification 

Training and certification is one of the most important elements of our business. Because we offer a solutions-based service, it’s crucial our customers have the training needed to successfully use and maintain products.

Our products

Embracing new technologies, PPI prioritises the development of a network of global – and often exclusive – manufacturer relationships, resulting in the consistent and reliable procurement of high-quality materials.

  • Factory Automation
  • Process Automation
  • Barcode Scanners 
  • Light Safety Curtains
  • Lighting and Surge Protection
  • Power Factor Correction 
  • Voltage Regulators 
  • Harmonic Filters

Our Procurement Pillars

  1. Specification - Is our client currently using old technology instead of an innovative solution that could provide a cost-effective alternative
  2. Conditions - Will the procured product sustain the challenging environmental conditions in which it needs to be installed – and if not, how can we provide a solution that minimises impact and enhances performance?
  3. Training - Does our client know how to use this product correctly, or should we engage the manufacturer to provide expert product training and support?

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