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Electrical Solutions for Industrial and Mining Customers

Regularly partnering with our mining clients on the materials needed for specific projects, we help them power new and essential business areas with everything from protection relays and CT’s to custom built switchboards and industrial sensors.

Working with a large number of mines across Australia and the Pacific Islands, we perform lightning and surge protection audits and earthing audits, and provide designs to protect both assets and personnel.

As our customers’ primary go-to for breakdown resolution, our team of electricians and engineers can assess what’s needed to fix a problem then swiftly procure the solution – working tirelessly with customers to meet their ongoing electrical needs.

We understand the importance of limiting downtime, and can assist with identifying the fault and providing a turn-key solution to get you back up-and-running. We also provide product training on new and innovative solutions, in order to increase efficiency within the electrical systems of most mine sites.

Mining Capabilities

What we do
Lightning and Surge Protection Audit

We perform lightning protection audits on a range of applications in the utility industry, each of which takes into consideration AS/NZS1768 and IEC 62305-2.

Earthing Audit

PPI can audit earthing systems to most international standards with a full evaluation of condition and compliance, before providing recommendations for repairs or upgrades in line with the audit.

Earthing Testing

Offering testing of earthing systems for substations, lightning protection, communications and static control, we also provide preliminary soil resistivity testing to allow for earthing system design.

Earthing System Design 

We offer earthing system designs for both low and high-voltage systems. With full-site soil resistivity testing, designs are provided using our industry-leading software.

Power Quality Audit

Power quality audits help prevent unusual issues within our customer’s electrical system, and we provide both analysis and solutions to protect from dangerous harmonics, power system disturbances and increased energy costs.

Training and Certification

Training and certification is one of the most important elements of our business. Because we provide a solutions-based service, it’s crucial our customers have the training needed to successfully use and
maintain products.

Our products 

Embracing new technologies, PPI prioritises the development of a network of global – and often exclusive – manufacturer relationships, resulting in the consistent and reliable procurement of high-quality materials.

  • Line Hardware
  • Transformers
  • Lightning and Surge Protection
  • Earthing Solutions
  • Fuses
  • Insulators and Surge Arresters 
  • Joint and Terminations
  • Pillars and Pits
  • Underground Cable Cover
  • Protection Relays
  • Arc-flash Detection 
  • Motor and Feeder Protection
  • Trailing Cable Protection 
  • Neutral-earthing-resistor Monitors  
  • Earth-fault Monitors
  • Industrial Sensors
  • Security and CCTV Solutions

Our Procurement Pillars

  1. Specification - Is our client currently using old technology instead of an innovative solution that could provide a cost-effective alternative
  2. Conditions - Will the procured product sustain the challenging environmental conditions in which it needs to be installed – and if not, how can we provide a solution that minimises impact and enhances performance?
  3. Training - Does our client know how to use this product correctly, or should we engage the manufacturer to provide expert product training and support?

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