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LSTO Range Has Arrived!!

The Eureka Range of 1 & 3 pole Chassis Mount RCBO Units is Finally Here!

LSTO & LSSO Range RCBO units, 10kA Type A

Perfectly suited to the eureka range of distribution boards and the eureka ELS6 chassis, the eureka LSTO RCBO range is the first chassis mounted RCBO unit to enter the market. At 53mm wide, it only takes up 3 poles when mounted to a din chassis, unlike other units that require 4 poles, thus losing the uniformity of phase balancing.

The range can also be retro fitted into other chassis and distribution enclosure brands available on the market, or as a stand alone unit.

LSIS range of MCB’s complete the range as well as the Susol MCCB which will operate upstream of the RCBO and MCB range.

A comprehensive software package aids with discrimination and selectivity, to make sure all circuit breakers in a power distribution system, operate independently without nuisance tripping from downstream faults.

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