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Momi Bay WWTP - Embracing the Latest in Power Factor Correction

PPI recently completed the supply and installation of a Sinexcel Power Factor Correction unit at the Momi Bay WWTP.

The Sinexcel SVG represents the latest generation technology applied to power factor correction and has multiple advantages over the traditional common switched capacitor bank style system. The SVG operates by detecting the load current, analyzing the reactive content of the load current and then injecting the exact reverse reactive compensating current on an instantaneous real-time basis. It can maintain a power factor of 0.99 lagging or unity if required, is load balancing, corrects lagging (inductive) and leading (capacitive) loads and can operate at low voltages.
By eliminating the need for switched capacitor banks, it is also cheaper to maintain and saves space due to its modular, compact design. In fact, 50kVAr & 100kVAr ratings are available in wall-mounted solutions. If your electricity bill is based on kVA demand tariff, the Sinexcel SVG can save you a lot of money and the return on investment is very compelling.


  • If your billing has changed to a kVA demand tariff and you have poor power factor, you are definitely paying for electricity that you are not using. In such cases, the SVG will reduce your electricity bills. Typically, most installations achieve savings of 10%-30%.
  • It makes great financial sense to invest in SVG technology. Typically, our customers achieve a ROI of 6 months – 2 years. After this period, they benefit from on-going cheaper electricity costs permanently.
  • The SVG reduces heat on the electrical system, resulting in greater longevity and lower maintenance costs.
  • If you already have an existing capacitor bank PFC system, you can add an SVG to improve the performance achieved.


  • Excellent power factor correction performance
    • Can maintain a PF of 0.99 lagging or unity if required
    • Corrects lagging (inductive loads) AND leading (capacitive loads) power factor (-1 to +1)
    • Not affected by resonance
    • Can operate at low voltages
  • The most vulnerable and weakest link in a traditional PFC system are the switched capacitors. Capacitors can leak, rupture or ignite & have life expectancy of 3-7 years, depending on environmental conditions, resulting in high maintenance costs. The SVG eliminates the need for capacitors, resulting in greater longevity and minimal maintenance costs.
  • The Sinexcel SVG profiles the load and operates with a response speed of <15ms (Dynamic reaction time is less than 50us). It is a virtually real-time instantaneous response and it only injects the kVAr that is required in that moment. Therefore, the SVG is never over-compensating or under-compensating.

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