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PNG Power Standards Training - "A Practical Guide to Earthing in PNG"

A total of seventy two (72) PNG Power Substation engineers and officers have undergone a two-day training for ‘AC Substation Ground’ to equip themselves with the latest technologies and standards.

Among the participants where ten staff from PNG Power centres in Wewak, Lae, Alotau, Kokopo, Yonki, Goroka, Kundiawa, Mt Hagen.
According to training organiser and PNG Power Transmission Support Engineer, Brian Inamo, the training was basically done to upskill Power Substation Operators
and Technical Officers with the new technologies and improved industrial standards of Earthing which is expected to provide a low resistance path from specific equipment parts to the ground/earth for safety purposes or for fault currents to flow through and dissipate without causing harm to the equipment, human and lives.

“It is a requirement in electrical installations to have not just an earthing but a very low resistive path to the earth and if this is not installed, lives and thousands of money
worth of investments, asset and property can be lost from electrical faults. Even in our network today, as we speak, some faults prevail in the system because of poor
earthing system and cause our protection system to trip and disconnect continuity of supply/service to our clients which result in loss of business,” said Mr. Inamo.
Substation engineers undergo Earthing Standards and Methods training.

“Our participants in this training are qualified engineers and officers, however understanding the improved industrial standards and practices is something I believe we as an organization lack because technically, we don’t have Earthing Standards or guides/procedures spelt out to help us. This training is compulsory for the organisation
and its business as far as the industry is concerned to upskill and empower its employees appropriately and then the employees will be expected to give back the service required to the company.”

Facilitating the training was Power Protection Industries General Manager, Justin Harris, who said that organization is also one of PNG Power’s suppliers from Australia. Prior to the training, Mr Harris worked closely with Brian in the last couple of months to come up with the Konedobu Substation Upgrade - Earthing Design and Bill of Materials which has arrived for installation. Mr Harris said that this training is vital for PNG Power Engineers and Technical Officers so that they are equipped with the latest technologies and standards which then increases their qualifications for intended work relating to Earthing.

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