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N.A.W. Controls

PPI is a proud partner of N.A.W. Controls for supply of industrial and commercial electrical products.

Like PPI, N.A.W. Controls is a family owned business. Its origins began in the backroom of a house in Macleod, Melbourne in 1990. The business then rapidly expanded to a small warehouse in Greensborough and has progressed to the modern, spacious warehouse / office complex that we now operate in today, at 98 Commercial Drive, Thomastown, Victoria.

With the Eureka range of products now becoming one of N.A.W's fastest growing ranges we will continue to develop versatile products that suit the need for quality and
performance as expected in the Australian electrical industry.

N.A.W. Controls has products to suit all your industrial electrical needs.
→ Metal & PVC enclosures
→ Industrial flexible conduits
→ Industrial switchgear
→ Timers & counters
→ Controls circuit devices
→ Variable speed drives
→ Relays (many types)
→ Limit, micro, hoist, toggle & float switches
→ Distribution products→ LED lighting products
→ Cable accessories
→ Temperature and sensing products
→ Warning lights & sirens
→ Switchboard accessories
→ Transformers & power supplies
... and many other products.

Below is the N.A.W catalogue showcasing the many products available. 

Contact us now at or discuss with your local manager so we can find a solution to suit your application.

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