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Power Factor Correction

Static Var Generators (SVG) - The Future in Power Factor Correction!

The Sinexcel SVG represents the latest generation technology in Power Factor Correction solutions. By eliminating the need for switched capacitors and providing dynamic step-less compensation, the SVG is a totally modern solution that offers high performance in a compact package and requires very low maintenance.

The Sinexcel SVG operates by detecting the load current on a real-time basis through external CT’s and determining the reactive content of the load current. The data is analysed and the SVG’s controller drives the internal IGBT’s by using pulse width modulation signals to make the inverter produce the exact reverse reactive current of the corresponding load reactive content.

This is injected to the grid to compensate the reactive content of the load current. By adjusting the output voltage amplitude and phase angle or by directly controlling the AC side current, the SVG can absorb or generate VAr according to the load reactive power or the grid voltage level.

Key Features:

  • Can maintain a PF of 0.99 lagging or unity if required
  • Corrects lagging (inductive loads) and leading (capacitive loads) power factor (-1 to +1)
  • Not affected by resonance
  • Can operator at low voltages

Dynamic step-less compensation

Traditional switched capacitor PFC systems have a response time of 20ms-40s, depending on the use of a solid state switch or a contactor. Most units use contactors resulting in a 30-40s response time. They then respond in steps of 50, 25, 12.5 or 6.25 kVAr. 

Therefore, often by the time the unit responds, the power factor has changed and then they inject a fixed quantity of reactive current depending on the step. This results in the system perpetually either under-compensating or over-compensating (chasing the load).

The Sinexcel SVG profiles the load and operates with a response speed of <15ms (Dynamic reaction time is less than 50μs). It is a virtually real-time instantaneous response and it only injects the kVAr that is required in that moment. Therefore, the SVG is never over-compensating or under-compensating.

Corrects load imbalance
Measures all 3 phases and provides specific dynamic kVAr compensation each phase.

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