Moranbah North - Lightning Protection Audit

Published 25/05/2023


PPI’s highly skilled team has once again mobilised to Moranbah North Mine to carry out comprehensive lightning protection audits for Anglo American. With our expertise in the field, we are diligently assessing the mine’s infrastructure and systems to ensure robust protection against lightning strikes.

The team’s presence on-site exemplifies our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety and security for the mine and its personnel. PPI meticulously evaluate the existing lightning protection measures in place, inspecting lightning rods, grounding systems, surge protection devices, and other critical components.

Through our thorough assessments, PPI’s team identifies potential vulnerabilities and recommends necessary improvements to enhance the mine’s overall lightning protection system. With our teams experience and attention to detail help mitigate the risks associated with lightning strikes, safeguarding not only the infrastructure but also the people working at the Moranbah North Mine.

By conducting these audits, PPI contributes to Anglo American’s commitment to maintaining a safe working environment and minimizing potential downtime caused by lightning-related incidents. The team’s presence and efforts serve as a testament to their dedication in ensuring effective lightning protection measures are in place at the mine.

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