Lightning protection systems

lightning protection systems

The lightning protection solutions specialists.

Here at PPI, the team has over 15 years of combined industry experience in the provision of design, supply, installation and preventative maintenance lightning protection solutions across the following fields:

> Utility substations
> Airports
> Oil and gas facilities
> Water treatment facilities
> Hospitals
> Amusement parks
> Stadiums
> Heritage-listed buildings

As well as these sectors, we serve a multitude of others – offering all our customers an approach that takes into consideration both the severity of a direct lightning strike and the possibility of nearby strikes that could well affect our clients’ facilities.

Lightning protection solutions products

We’re proud to stock a range of lightning protection solutions products that meet the needs of our clients across a wide variety of sectors.

To fully understand what kind of lightning protection solutions we should provide, we first perform a lightning protection risk assessment that’s undertaken in strict accordance with AS/NZS1768.

Following this, and in the situation that a lightning protection solutions system is indeed required, we make use of The nVent ERICO – Six Point Plan of Protection. This provides a highly coordinated approach to grounding, bonding, lightning protection and surge protection, with lightning protection making up the first two steps in the system.

The nVent ERICO - Six Point Plan of Protection

The system works as follows:


Capture the lightning strike to a preferred point.


Convey this energy to the ground.


Dissipate the energy into the ground system.


Bond all the ground points together.


Protect incoming AC power feeders.


Safeguard low voltage data/telecommunications circuits.

This system is absolutely crucial in the field of lightning protection solutions. The methodology embraces all aspects of potential damage, from the most obvious direct strike to the more subtle mechanisms of differential earth potential rises and voltage induction at service entry points.

Outstanding lightning protection solutions design.

Once we’ve gathered an understanding of the application, we design a lightning protection solutions system which is best suited to protect the facility. This involves selecting from the following methods:

Collection Volume Method (CVM) – the CVM produces an optimized design model that often provides an alternative solution to unnecessarily expensive designs, difficulty in achieving full compliance with standards by the lightning protection consultant, and overcoming certain practical problems for the installer.

Rolling Sphere Method (RSM) based on the Electro-Geometric Model (EGM) – this method is the most commonly used model to design a conventional lightning protection solutions system. The lightning protection standard AS/NZS1768 is designed around this method, and this design is ideal for simple architecture buildings and facilities.

Early Streamer Emission Terminal and Protection Radius (ESE R) – this system is less commonly used in Australian applications, due to a compliance based around NF C 17-102. This design would be more commonly used around low-lying, sprawling structures where conventional methods would be cost-prohibitive.
Sources: nVent ERICO P43002-USEN

PPI delivers full, turn-key electrical solutions to a diverse range of industries including energy, water, mining, commercial, manufacturing and renewable energy.

Since 2016, PPI has delivered customised electrical solutions to clients spread throughout Asia Pacific and Australia. With a unique roster of capabilities spanning design and procurement through to supply and project management, PPI has built a reputation as the ultimate electrical service provider – growing the business exponentially whilst maintaining a solid grounding in family values.

Embracing new technologies, PPI prioritises the development of a network of global – and often exclusive – manufacturer relationships, resulting in the consistent and reliable procurement of high-quality materials. Our China office leaves us well-positioned to easily source components and materials throughout Asia Pacific – meaning we can supply clients with the highest quality materials at the lowest possible price.

When approaching PPI for tailored and high-quality lightning protection solutions, clients can know they’re in the safest possible hands – working with the experts in the field to access lighting protection solutions that truly work, time and time again.

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