Woolooga Solar Farm - Earthing Design, Supply and Installation


Woolooga Solar Farm - Earthing Design, Supply and Installation

Published 13/08/2021


After months of design and site investigation, the PPI team in partnership with EPEC Group, have begun construction of the earthing grid on the 132kV/33kV substation for Woolooga solar farm.

The solar farm development consists of three sites (i.e. Woolooga 1 and Woolooga 2 Site B, collectively known as ‘Woolooga North’ and Woolooga 2 Site A, known as ‘Woolooga South’)  forming one project which will have an export capacity of  176MW AC. The whole of the solar farm covers approximately 500 hectares of land, which has predominantly been used for grazing.

EPEC Group engaged PPI to provide the original design of the earthing on the substation as well as supply and installation. The team will also provide testing and commissioning of the earthing grid upon completion.

PPI’s provide state-of-the-art design services using current distribution, electromagnetic fields, grounding and soil structure analysis (CDEGS) to model soil resistivity field-test results, we can provide a turn-key service for earth grid solutions – providing design and install services in the most unique earth grid applications.

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