635 IPR-400

Phase/Rotation Indicator – Optical

Used to check the direction of the rotating magnetic field in the three-phase system, the phase rotation and the direction of motor rotation.
The direction of motor rotation (direction of rotation) is detected by placing the IRP-400 on the motor and aligning it with the drive shaft with no need to connect any probes or cables.
A durable, lightweight and reliable device, ideal for electrical work with three-phase motors and systems. Includes different types of probes for any possible application.

Technical information

Operating voltage: 120 V ~ 400 VAC
Current consumption: ≤20 mA
Frequency range: 2 Hz ~ 400 Hz
Non-contact rotating field indication function
Operating temperature: 0 °C a +40 °C
Operating altitude: 2000 m
Category: CAT III 600 V
Certificates: CE, RoHS
Power supply: 3 x 1.5 V AA batteries
Dimensions: 128 × 70 × 30 mm
Weight: 168 g

Supplied with a nylon case for transport and storage.
According with standards EN61010-1, EN61010-2-032, EN61326 and IEC 62321.


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635320 IPR-400 Phase/Rotation Indicator 1

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